Are you Ready to skyrocket your sales 10 x times?

Start an online campaign that with a sole objective "SALES"

No more meaningless results such as Likes, retweets, reach or comments what we understand is that an advertising campaign should drive you sales and your Revenues

Why are you paying for clicks or impressions?

You should consider your advertising cost an investment as the only effective Key performance indicator in modern advertising campaign is ROI Return on Investment

Why taking risk working with an unknown agency ?

Digital Essence is a google partner The Google Partner badge shows the world that Google trusts our company and that potential clients can too.
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Proven Results

it can be hard to decide which one will truly deal with your campaign correctly and efficiently. But when it comes to us here at Digital essence Ltd, we have a wide account of delighted clients, a collection of leading tools and of course, a very long list of tangible results.

No commission charge

Unlike a lot of PPC agencies, we don't take a commission from your PPC spend. We only bill you for the amount you spend with the search engines

1000+ businesses have made 3X sales over the past 6 years and still counting ..

Run a campaign that brings you value now.

How we work?

Research and analyze your product in the online market

We do the necessary marketing researches to analyze your product and is current situation in the online market

Determine each lead cost

A lead is potential client order, in this phase we set the early customer registration Estimates

Specify the digital marketing channels

We work on almost every digital platform such as Google (search , youtube , Gmail , GDN ) , Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn and Instagram in this stage we specify the proper digital platform to advertise within to reach the estimated lead cost

setting monthly advertising budget

It is an easy formula, which equals the pre estimated lead cost multiplied by the number of customer leads you can handle monthly

Launch Pilot campaign

In this stage we create a test campaign , in this campaign we do all the require work starting from account setup to target setup , ad copywriting , ad graphic design, web design and web development work for a very short time and with a very small budget to generate the actual lead cost

Launch final campaign and continuous optimization

We launch your final campaign and send you periodic reports and we employ continuous optimizations on a daily basis and sometimes on hourly bases to improve the quality of leads and reduce its cost over time

Get your leads on Google sheets

We will connect evey lead from every source to simple google sheet


Campaigns Launched


Ads Created


Active Clients


Projects Completed


Some of our clients

Digital Campaign service

We will connect evey lead from every source to simple google sheet

Sales Skyrocket



  • Testing Lead generation Campaigns on Google AdWords - Facebook Ads , LinkedIn , Twitter and other possible platforms to select the best platform the generate ROI
  • We will manage all your campaigns for a whole month on one selected Platform
  • Creative Ad designs
  • Web design and development of landing pages needed that each ad target
  • connecting each landing page to google sheet to save you the cost of CRM
  • Managing your account by one of the Google certified Partners
Social Media managment


  • Handling your social media presence
  • Setting Strategy and analyzing your competition
  • Setting monthly content calendar
  • Manage advertising for boosting engagement for example increasing reach , likes and video views
  • Design your social media theme and identity and monthly posts starting from 12 designs monthly and can be upgraded to any number of designs
  • Free Moderation service for one shift (8Hours) starting from 9 AM
  • Extra Moderation shifts for seperate extra fees (Min.100 $)and upgradeable to 24 /7 (Min.150 $)
All in one



  • Lead generation and ads management Package + Social media Package Plus :
  • Email Marketing campaign accesss
  • free SEO basic optimization for your website

Branding package



  • Logo: Two initial custom logo concepts to choose from
  • Final files deliveried : All logos + marks in color and black.
    File formats:
    · Web + Social Media (JPG, PNG)
    · Print-ready (PDF, JPG)
    · Vector / Source File (PDF, EPS
  • Stationary : A double sided business card design for four of your team members Letterhead design.Envelope design
  • Social media Facebook , Twitter and youtube Cover Design and profile pictures
  • Prints 1 Flyer with 2 faces


  • Script writing
  • Voiceover
  • Animation
  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • Expert Advice
WordPress Website Design & Development



  • Number of Pages : Up to 5
  • Responsive Design :
  • Homepage Image or Video Slider :
  • Integrated Contact Forms w/ Captcha :
  • Photo Gallery :
  • Embed Video :
  • Google Analytics :
  • Website Training :

Still wondering how To sell more?