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The client tried running pay-per-click (PPC) programs on their own and with the help of other companies but never achieved a return on investment. They had virtually no traffic and no business from their website.

www.al3abc.com, a newly launched yet widely known games website. The website is jam-packed of portals to a massive number of games with various genres. All devices can access Al3abc's games as they categorized into mobile and pc games and for most of the operating systems IOS, ANDROID, AND WINDOWS; those games are updated on regular basis. Keeping an updated enormous list of games is the reason behind the uniqueness of the website. www.al3abc.com is very attractive to its target market as no new or old game could not be found, action, girls, and car games are examples of accessible sorts of games. At this website players can read reviews and watch demos about the games they choose to play. www.al3abc.com CEO decided to cooperate with Digital Essence to attain some aims. "Al3abc needs to be the definition of a great games website" as stated by Mr. Mostafa Ahmed the CEO. The section below will display how Digital Essence translated these words into objectives and accomplished them. much qualified traffic as the client can handle.


Upon finalizing the campaign and setting the campaign objectives as well as outlining and planning how the campaign is going to be executed and implemented, Digital Essence professionals diligently started working on the campaign with everything we got and leaving nothing to chance and luck, the aim was to over deliver what the two companies agreed upon, and that is exactly what we did, we surely delivered and in a landslide fashion from the period between the 11th of October till the 16th of march.