Display Advertising

Display advertising in essence is purchasing advertising space & displaying adverts on another relevant websites. If carried out correctly this can be highly effective in terms or ROI or as a brand awareness exercise.
At Digital Essence, our Google certified professionals are wizards at being creative as well as being analytics junkies! "Yes, they are two opposite ends of the spectrum, but they figure out a way to do it!" Our team binds these mastered competencies to manifest display campaigns that are really hard to forget and build an immediate relationship with your visitors
We design the PPC campaigns in such a way that maximize the ROI by increasing the click through rates (CTR) and also the conversion rates.

Banners & Skyscrapers
If you've ever clicked on an image advert on a website such as a banner or a skyscraper ad (a skyscraper ad is one of the most popular forms of display advertising formats, usually a thin and long vertical advert), you will know how compelling and effective this form of advertising can be.

Generate demand today!
Display Advertising was once seen as a branding channel; however it has evolved into a Demand Generation generator .
We take part in Real Time Bidding by leveraging Demand Side Platforms. This enables us to optimize for Key Performance Indicators, such as Cost per Click and Cost per Lead, while reaching over 92% of MENA region Internet users.
Display Advertising enables us to communicate key brand selling points in the blink of an eye. Our Demand Generation team devises strategies based on data-driven foresight. Then, our Creative Team executes them in engaging banners that sell. We monitor every impression to determine which users are the most likely to convert.
Studying behavioral patterns and overlaying massive data sets, we minimize waste and maximize your return on investmen

Dispaly Advertising is hihgly recommended for you because :
  • Scalable – Display adverts can reach a tremendous audience through single advertising platforms.
  • Effective – Real time bidding and tracking allows us to ensure objectives of the campaign are met.
  • Flexible – We are able to focus on your target audience, your branding strategy and your end goals – even if they change.
  • Transparent – We can report exactly how many impressions your ads have served on which sites, and the cost/effectiveness of each site.

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