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AdWords Consulting from the
Google AdWords Experts

AdWords Consulting with our Clients results:

  • Cut paid advertising spend by 20%, while maintaining consistent volume of traffic
  • Increased Quality Score averages to 8, which provided 60% lower cost per click (CPC) while increasing conversion volume.
  • Decreased monthly Advertising cost by 20 % while maintaining click volume
  • Doubled the click-through rate of an ad group from 1% to 5% through ad text optimization.
  • Reduced CPC by 35% and increased impressions 50 %

A full service digital agency

Pay Per click Advertising

At Digital Essence & as Google partners, PPC campaigns is a synonym for "best practices" , which means a lucrative sales & ROI for our clients, which insures our clients the results that they are looking for read more


Digital Essence's SEO masterminds have years and a whole lot of immense experience and knowledge about search engine algorithms and how search engines work. This means top rankings, higher relevancy, less cost and eventually more sales. read more

Social Media Marketing

With over 1 billion users on Facebook (600 million of which are mobile users), and over 500 million on Twitter, having a strong social presence has become more important than ever. our role is to help our clients make the best of these opportunities read more

E-mail marketing

Email marketing offers small and midsize businesses the opportunity to target their customers with engaging offers and promotions, as well as relevant company news and information. Email marketing is cost effective and easy-to-use, and complements other marketing strategies perfectly. read more

Website Copywriting

"copywriting that sells"! we use well-crafted copywriting to persuade your customers to buy your products, increase your sales and hence, make you MONEY!!! read more

Online Reputation Management

Reputation and engagement are one of the most important factors of success in the world of business; through PR we can drive a staggering number of customer purchases of a product or service, creating the persona of a "loved brand" read more

Display advertising

At Digital Essence, our Google certified professionals are wizards at being creative as well as being analytics junkies! "Yes, they are two opposite ends of the spectrum, but they figure out a way to do it!" Our team binds these mastered competencies to manifest display campaigns that are really hard to forget and build an immediate relationship with your visitors. read more

WhatsApp Marketing

With 800 million users, WhatsApp is one of the most important communication tools. It is the leading mobile instant messaging application that is being checked over 100 times a day. Yes, you heard it right! This quick and easy to use app can effectively engage and enrich your customer experience. Even content marketers are finding it a powerful weapon to engage their customers. All you need to know is Experienced Markters by your side read more

Research, planning and analysis.

Is the most crucial step in any campaign that we have worked or will work on, research, planning and analysis is the guideline that disciplines this whole operation. As Michael porter describes it "The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do."Therefore, as a digital marketing agency, the roots of a good campaign stems from the accuracy of the information gathered in this step, leading to a "perfect plan". We're also blessed with having the best researchers; planning experts and analysts the industry has to offer leaving no room for ambiguity.

International Locations

A team of fast thinking experts , driven by innovation and a love of creativity.

when a customer lands on your website, First impressions are critical, really critical! But don't worry, our professionals have been developing websites that Portrays your business' value with a mind blowing and custom-designed web presence designed to convert prospects into actual customers
Read more
our team of pros are going to put life and viability in your brand that you have rarely witnessed before, they are ready and able to twist, change, build, promote, flex, fold, wrap- and the list goes on- when it comes to your brand and branding dilemmas, that will deliver mind blowing branding, that will relate to your audience from first glance. Read more
International Locations

Our work is at the cutting edge of what's possible with video. It engages viewers, and delivers exceptional results for our clients.

motion graphics

Our films will move you and inspire you. We offer a complete video production of motion graphics and animation videos

Viral videos

Viral videos can engage like no other medium.

progress your brand

video is awesome. It can help progress your brand. It can get you where you need to be. It can help you impact your market in so many ways.

Latest Success Stories & Case studies

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    MASTER FOR BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION -150% of Cost per acquisition

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    NOOR ADSL 500 % increase in ROI

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